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Any suggested itinerary or route and information provided are not substitute for pilot books and marine charts. We refuse to accept any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by holding on suggested routes or information provided.

General information

Principal Island

Mahé. Capital Victoria, population 72,000.


Valid passport. A visa is issued at the airport & you must have a return or onward ticket.

No vaccinations are required for those arriving from Europe. For other origins contact the nearest Seychelles Tourist Board (in the Seychelles this is at Independence House, PO Box 92, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles. Tel (248) 225 313. Fax (248) 224 035)
Tropical marine; humid;
Cooler season during southeast monsoon (late May to September);
Warmer season during northwest monsoon (March to May)
International airport

Mahé, 15 minutes from Victoria. Served by Air Seychelles, Air France, British Airways, Condor & Kenya Airways

Official language

Creole, English and French.


Seychelles Rupee, approximately £0.12 sterling, US$0.20, €0.17 to the Rupee.


A 7% sales tax is levied on all goods & services.

Mahe Island - Seychelles

At 59 square miles Mahe is, by far, the largest island, and it is home to the capital, Victoria, the international airport, the fishing and commercial ports, most of the population and many resorts and hotels, plus four casinos. 

Its powdery white, idyllic beaches, lush vegetation, plantations of coconut palms and cinnamon rise to forested peaks with unequalled views of the neighbouring islands. 

Surrounded by coral reefs the clear, calm waters invite relaxation and many water sports. Although it is the nation's economic hub, it has retained all of its natural beauty and charm.

Many tourists decide to stay at (and some never get much farther than) beautiful Beau Vallon Bay, but there is so much more to see and explore. Both island roads and public transportation are quite good and rental cars ubiquitous and fairly easy to manage (although the British driving on the left convention is observed)...making it very, very easy to sightsee the entire island...or you can take an island helicopter tour for a real bird's eye view.

Mahe is also the centre for craft artisans as well as fine art painters, sculptors and woodworkers.   The pirate treasure dig at Bel Ombre has been worked for decades. It is supposedly the site of an 18th Century French pirate's share of the loot from a plundered Portuguese treasure ship. At Jardin du Roi, a renovated and now working plantation and spice garden there are walks, a museum and an excellent restaurant featuring, of course, interestingly spiced cuisine.

Morne Seychellois National Park can be visited and the summit ascended to view one of the most spectacular vistas in the world. Walking is the best way to get the feel of the island; many trails and nature walks are well posted and the capital, itself, is a walker's delight and an excellent chance to experience why the Seychellois are called "the friendliest people on earth." With its incredible amount of daytime activities and lively nightlife, Mahe can truly offer something for everyone.

La Digue Island - Seychelles

This stunning little island is probably the most photographed island in the world. It's 3 hours 15 minutes by schooner from Mahe (currently not running, however) and 30 minutes from Praslin, and is the breeding ground of the rare Black Paradise Flycatcher. The bird watching enthusiast can also spot the Chinese Bittern, Cave Swiftlet and Waxbill. Ox carts are the primary means of transportation, which can take the visitor past old plantation houses, a vanilla plantation, a copra factory and, of course, the incomparable beaches (star of Bacardi ads, swimsuit fashion shoots and countless honeymoon snapshots). These are protected by the surrounding coral reefs together with masses of pink granite rocks which glow red in the setting sun. These wild, deserted beaches are excellent for safe swimming, snorkelling and fishing. Ideal for walking, the island can be comfortably circumnavigated at a leisurely amble. This 4th largest island retains all of the charm and tranquillity visitors travel halfway around the world to enjoy.

Praslin Island - Seychelles

Praslin is the universal blueprint for the perfect tropical island. In its limited area, the richness and variety of plant and animal life is astounding. Fantastically shaped huge granite boulders dot the island. Coral reefs teeming with over 900 species of fish, living coral and jewel toned shells paint a living seascape. This second largest island is 3 hours by boat or 15 minutes by air from Mahe. Praslin is a lot slower, a lot less "rushed" (if you could ever call Mahe "rushed"!); Praslin is like a trip back in time.


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CAUTION: Any suggested itinerary or route and information provided are not substitute for pilot books and marine charts. We refuse to accept any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by holding on suggested routes or information provided.


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