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  Mellon Party - June 2006 - St Tropez    
Filippucci Party

JT Party

Dennet Party

Juttens Party

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Thomas Party

Dolberg Party

Aho Party

Strakers Party






Mr Mellon chartered a Mangusta 92 yacht on a fully crewed basis and enjoyed a 2 weeks holiday in South of France.

LdnB - ''Mr Mellon, Have you been fully satisfied with the booking procedure and services you received from us ? ''
Mr Mellon: ''YES, absolutely.  LdnB was amazing from the outset when sourcing our yacht and all other aspects of the charter, up to the return back home in London.


LdnB - ''Mr Mellon, Have you been fully satisfied with the services of the yacht owner company ? ''
Mr Mellon: ''YES, the crew was excellent and took pride in providing the subtle service we desired.


LdnB - ''Mr Mellon, Have you been fully satisfied with the yacht you have booked through us ? ''
 Mr Mellon:'
 We were very satisfied with the yacht.  There is so much luxury space and toys on board that we had every single minute of our holiday filled with great relaxation and fun.''


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