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When Leaving Home:

Passport, Charter Agreement/Boat Papers, Navigation Certificate, VHF radio licence, Wallets, purses

Mobile phone, PDA,

Hats, Sunglasses, Glasses, Binoculars,

Medication if needed (bear in mind that if seasick heart medication and contraceptives do not offer protection)

Take the receipts of all valuables as you may need them for insurance purposes in case of shipwreck etc.

When Leaving Home for Longer Journeys additionally cancel regular post, milk and papers, consult your neighbours and ask them to check on your property and don't forget to set up the answering machine, fax and e-mail on auto-response.

When leaving mooring:

Up-to-date local weather forecast - it may save your life.  Apart from that now way preparing for sail if unsafe....

Charts, tides, waypoints...

Inform someone on land about your directions and plans

Stow padlocks and unlock liferaft

Place your MOB gear onto rail and check lights

Shut all hatches and portholes

Make sure your log is 'weed-free'

Water and food provisions enough on board...

Check is sails are ready to hoist

Check navigation lights, radar reflector is up, passage plan

Anchor ready

Battery change over switch

Check your GPS position NOW and VHF radio ...

Don't forget to brief your crew (especially inexperienced ones). Everybody should know how to: 1. Make a MAYDAY (SOS) call on VHF radio, 2. Start the engine, 3. Use GPS to read the ships position

Also make sure the crew knows how to use Flares, Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Kit, Liferaft, Harnesses, Lifejackets/MOB gear (check if there are non swimmers - they should wear Lifejackets, check if anyone is seasick or on medication. You should also carry out a simple man overboard procedure in case you sail with people you don't know from before.

Absolutely important is to make sure that there are no drugs on board.  You could lose everything if that happens for some reason.

Engine check ups:

Always warm up the engine

Open the seacock, check if you have enough fuel, are the blowers on

Check cooling water, charging, oil and water levels

Before untying check forward and reverse gears...

When Leaving Boat:

Check with the charter agency what are your responsibilities in regards to cleaning up

Take your personal belongings with you

Remove anything that might smell (the sunbeams and hot weather can badly influence any food rests etc) and leave ice box open


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Sailing Boats

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