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For  yacht charter in St. Vincent  
we can offer you a wide range of selected sailing boats from 36-52'' foot and a small selection of the catamarans as well as custom built performance yachts and crewed motor yachts.

Whether you prefer to charter a sailing yacht, custom built performance yacht or a catamaran - on a bareboat, skippered or even fully crewed basis with distinguished service, LdnB Global Yacht Charter will offer you a wide range of selections for enjoying the St. Vincent and Grenadines islands at your leisure.....

Minimum crew requirements for bareboat charter:  
An e
xperienced skipper

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Catamarans in St. Vincent
Sailing Yachts in St. Vincent
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About St. Vincent:
Where is St. Vincent!? -

St Vincent along with the islands such as Bequia, Union Island, the Tobago Cays, Petite St Vincent, Palm Island, and a host of other much smaller, uninhabited islands make up the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

This is the favorite area in the Caribbean for so many people. There is something special about this place. For sailors it is probably the distance between islands which is negligible, with sailing times so comfortable and short yet still challenging enough, that one can simply concentrate on the beautiful surroundings, rather then how to negotiate difficult passages from A to B.

The sea is relatively flat due to the protection provided by all the smaller islands, though trade winds should always be with you.  You can easily get away from the crowds and find anchorages off the beaten track, many of which give you an idea of how the Caribbean used to be, decades ago, when there was still not many tourists around. If that is not enough, we find the people to be very friendly and unassuming; and there are some of the best places to eat, drink and socialize anywhere in the Caribbean.

Entering Cumberland Bay, on the leeward side of St Vincent, feels like stepping back in time. Jungle pushes down to the edge of the black sand beach, a fisherman mends his wooden rowing boat, another lights a fire for cooking his lunch, and children try to body surf the waves in the mouth of the river. Boat boys paddling on windsurf boards meander out to meet the boat, offering limes, passion fruit, a pig roast on the beach, and asking to take our stern line to a tree ashore. We drop anchor just as the sea bed begins to shelve up from the depths in the middle of the bay, gently ease back into the beach, turn off the engine, and a primitive silence descends. Magical.

A short dinghy ride from Cumberland Bay brings you to Wallilabou Bay, another deep and protected anchorage. First impressions suggest an old trading station used to exist here - you see a group of old buildings, an old jetty and landing station. Closer inspection ashore - and a few discrete knocks and taps - let us into the secret that this is actually the remains of something far more modern: a movie set. It is the set designed by Disney to film Pirates of the Caribbean and pretty much most of what you see is distressed fiberglass!

In fact last time we were passing Wallilabou the filming of parts two and three of Pirates was underway, but unfortunately we didn't have the time to stop and help Johnny Depp on the set. Maybe next time...

Tobago Cays

The Tobago Cays is THE PLACE called the perfection of the Caribbean.  This is a  collection of miniature sandy islands protected by a huge fringing reef,  with water so clear and azure that you can see the anchor hit the bottom 4 meters down. Don't get scared if you see some turtles in the area though, as it is a pretty commonplace  to have some pottering around the boat, grazing on the turtle grass beneath the boat.

Snorkeling inside the reef is spectacular, but for more of a buzz and a chance to see some bigger fish you need to snorkel the outer edge.  Taking a short ride with your dinghy to get you there is a must.

A highlight could of course be to arrange a couple of hours time with one of the local fishermen who will teach you how to catch a fresh Snapper, or even a lobster, which you can then enjoy cooking on the BBQ.

Union Island

A short hop from the Tobago Cays is the town of Clifton on Union Island. Anchoring just inside the reef, it is a great place to stop and pick up some baguettes and croissants and enjoy another fish, yes, fish lunch ashore.  A highlight here can be a visit to the sharks pond.  You can test your nerves by walking around the rim of the pool and get the first insight into the life of the healthiest animals in the world. These are apparently nurse sharks and very friendly, thus you may not be in a danger greater then  when snorkeling around the bays reefs.

One of the most unexplored, and untouched, anchorages in the Grenadines - Chatham Bay - can be found on the western side of Union Island. Nestled in below the hills, away from all signs of human habitation, pelicans fish the bay from dawn till dusk and the snorkeling is easy and superb. If you are brave enough or as some would say ''lucky'', you will also spot a small octopus and perhaps even  a nurse shark hiding underneath a rock.


Note: These itineraries are based on simple suggestions.  We have a more detailed itinerary for each destination, which are e-mailed to clients on special request.

CAUTION: Any suggested itinerary or route and information provided are not substitute for pilot books and marine charts. We refuse to accept any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by holding on suggested routes or information provided.

About St. Vincent Sailing area

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