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You can charter a sailing boat, motor yacht or a catamaran with us in the following bases: Naples, Salerno, Vibo Valentia,, Sicily and Eolian Islands (Salina, Palermo, Marsala, Trapani), Tuscan (Piombino and Elba) Sardinia (Carloforte, Portisco, Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Cannigione)

The islands in the Gulf of Naples and Sorrento Amalfi Coast

Gulf of Naples is one of the most visited sailing area in Italy.  Some say that the myth in this area is still alive.  From Ischia, the first colony of Greacis Magna, rich in thermal springs, to Capri and enchanting island, capital of the most refined high society, to Corricella in Procida, a delightfull fisherman village to the UNESCO protected Amalfi Coast. Naples airport is only 20 min away to Naples base and Palermo airport 50 min away from Trapani base.  Sailing yachts 32-54'' and cats available.

The Pontine Islands

Further North West from Procida and Ischia you can find the Pontine Islands, Ventotene, Ponza, Zannone and Palmarola. The islands are still uncontaminated and rich in ancient ruins, such as the extraoridinary Roman port of Ventotene.

Sicily The Eolian Islands - The Egady Islands

The Mediterranean par excellence as they call it in Italy. The burning lava of Stromboli, the smoking muds of Vulcano and the white pomice beach of Lipari.  The alternative high society of Panarea and the wild still non-electrified Filicudi and Alicudi.  Egadi, located off Sicily's western Coast, are the Sicily nearest islands and Italy's largest Sear Riserver: Favignana Marettimo and Levanzo, the pearls of the  Sicily islands.

The Tuscany and Ligurien

Yacht charter in Tuscany and in Ligurien can be seen as new destination in our programme.  Treat yourself to a taste of the real life of Italians and avoid the mass tourism destinations.  Click here to explore more... - BEST Service Improving


If you want to explore Sardinia, do not miss the buzzing life of rich and famous in Porto Cervo or Porto Rotondo, neither the relaxed and subtle life of Southern coast around Carloforte.   Click here to explore more... - BEST Service Improving


FULLY CREWED sailing on yachts up to 150''

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