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For  yacht charter in BVI's you should choose the best
.  This dream location is for the majority once in a lifetime holiday destination and yachts such as new Lagoon 420, owner version of Lagoon 440, wide choice of fully equipped and professionally managed Bavaria fleet as well as luxury custom built performance yacht and catamarans are the guarantee for your own pleasure. One way charter options to and from St. Martin are also available.

Whether you prefer to charter a sailing yacht, custom built performance yacht or a catamaran - on a bareboat, skippered or even fully crewed basis with distinguished service, LdnB Global Yacht Charter will offer you a wide range of selections for enjoying the Antigua and Barbuda islands at your leisure.....

Minimum crew requirements for bareboat charter:  
An e
xperienced skipper

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Catamarans in BVI's
Sailing Yachts in BVI's

A vast range of luxury crewed monohulls and catamarans is available for any occasion including honeymoons.

  More info about Nanny Cay Marina - Tortola  

About BVI's

The British Virgin Islands (Captial - Road Town/Tortola) are among the world's loveliest cruising grounds.  Of these 60 British islands, 16 are inhabited. The population of all the islands is around 17,000. Tortola is the largest island with an area of 21 square miles. The other larger islands are Anegada -15 square miles, Virgin Gorda - 8 square miles, Jost Van Dyke - 3 square miles. Smaller islands include Great Tobago, Peter, Cooper, Norman, Guana, Beef, Great Thatch and Marina Cay.

Comprised of 60 islands and cays, dotted around 59 square miles, in the Caribbean, about 80 kilo meters east of Puerto Rico, north of the Leeward Islands, and adjacent to the U.S. Virgin Islands; Among the most frequently visited of the BVI's handful of inhabited islands are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Beef Island, Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, Peter, Mosquito, and Guana Islands. All of these lilting place names reflect idyllic sites for unwinding, wriggling your toes in the sand, and absorbing the tranquil pleasures of sunshine and sapphire seas.

Scuba diving is popular around sunken reefs and wrecks. Among wreck dives, RMS Rhone is reckoned to be the best in the Western hemisphere. Once the pride of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, the Rhone hit Salt Island in a storm in 1867 and sank. It is now an official marine park. 

For snorkelling you should visit the four caves at Norman Island, said to be the setting for Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Windsurfers benefit from steady winds and calm water.

Throughout the islands, beaches are splendid and the beach bars exceptional. Gourmet cuisine can be found, along with background music from steel pans and guitars on every corner. But don’t expect early-hours entertainment – except at summer festival time, when parades and parties rule Tortola. The beaches of The British Virgin Islands are peppered throughout the entire archipelago of 60 islands and cays. Some we have discovered and others are just waiting to be. Not only do they possess such natural beauty and character not seen elsewhere in the world, but also allow you to be a part of a captivating marriage of the Caribbean Sea and the northern Atlantic Ocean.

Tortola, the largest island and the primary center of Caribbean yachting...Virgin Gorda, an isle of natural wonders and home to The Baths...Picturesque Jost Van Dyke - The Caribbean as it used to be...Isolated Anegada, a coral atoll with miles of deserted Caribbean beaches.

Sampling local dishes is a fantastic way to experience the local culture, savour some "home food" and get a chance to mingle with the locals. Here's what the locals recommend - fish & fungi, conch or roti - try some!

Must Try's
Roti: A flavorful East Indian flat bread filled with a meat or vegetables. 
Paté: Not to be mistaken with liver pâté, this West Indian dish is a baked/grilled style pita bread filled with spiced meat, seafood or vegetables. 
Fungi: No way related to the mushroom, this delight is made from cornmeal and okra and is usually served with seafood dishes. Very similar to Italian polenta.
Whelks: A seasonal seafood delicacy that is quite similar to escargot. 
Conch: Another seasonal seafood delicacy - try it in fritters, paté, soup, salad, or as a main entrée. 
Anegada Lobster: The ultimate in BVI seafood delicacy - reputed to be the best in the Caribbean. 
Fresh local fruits: Most of which are seasonal like soursop, papaya, mango, pineapple, guava, sugar apple, passion fruit and tamarind.

The currency of the British Virgin Islands is the U.S. dollar. Travellers cheques and credit cards are accepted in most places of business. There are cash point machines located throughout the islands.

Beef Island Airport for small airplanes only; No airport in the BVI's is large enough for big jets so International flights must come through St.Thomas, San Juan, or St. Martin.

The British Virgin Islands are not a cheap getaway destination: food is pricey because most of it is imported, and accommodation is simply in short supply. The majority of visitors to the islands sleep on chartered yachts, and if that's the holiday you're looking for, expect to spend at least US$250 a day. Travelers willing to stay on land, yet enjoy fine dining and some nightlife, need about US$175 a day. Budget travelers can squeeze by on less than US$100 a day if they stay at cheaper guesthouses or camping grounds. Coming in the low season will reduce room prices and charter rental fees, sometimes by as much as half.




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